St. Paul - Minnesota - USA
May, 14th 2012

ICRA 2012 Workshop

Robotics and Performing Arts: Reciprocal Influences



This full-day workshop intends to investigate the relationships between the world of performing arts, with a spotlight on theatre and dance, and that of robotic technologies, focusing on their reciprocal influences and how such influences can benefits both fields. The workshop will be highly interdisciplinary, bringing together prominent roboticists active in the artworld, and renowned scholars and artists using robotic technologies, including companies operating in the entertainment fields, in order to exchange ideas, practices and experiences on the key scientific, technological, artistic and commercial aspects emerging from the combination of art and robotics. Among the topics that will be explored during the workshop is how the interaction between robotics and performing arts can lead to the generation of new artforms, impact innovation and creativity in both the engineering and artistic field, and provide new possibilities for the emergence of new markets.

The workshop will be divided into three main sessions.

1. Oral session: consisting of invited talks and selected contributions from call of paper.

2. Video/live performance session: participants are invited to present videos or short live performances that document the reciprocal influences between robotics and art.

3. Round table: a highly interactive discussion among the workshop participants and the audience.