St. Paul - Minnesota - USA
May, 14th 2012

ICRA 2012 Workshop

Robotics and Performing Arts: Reciprocal Influences


Workshop Programme

35' for invited speakers, including Q&A

20' for selected papers, including Q&A

09:00 09:15 Pericle Salvini and Daniela Rus 'Workshop Welcome and Introduction

09:15 09:50 Louis-Philippe Demers Embodiment in Robotic Art and Performances

09:50 10:10 Todd D. Murphey Making Robotic Marionettes Perform

10:10 10:30 Coffee break

10:30 11:05 Damith Herath and
Christian Kroos
Robots as Protagonists?

11:05 11:40 Paolo Dario and
Pericle Salvini
Robotic Puppet Theatre. The Roborama Italian Tournée

11:40 12:00 Dylan A. Shell Artistic Elements and Practical Challenges in A Midsummer Night’s Dream with Unmanned Vehicles

12:00 01:00 Lunch break

01:00 01:35 Hiroshi Ishiguro The Android Theater

01:35 02:10 Oussama Khatib Natural body movement: humans and robots

02:10 02:45 Nikolaos Mavridis On Robots, Theatre, Language, and Tele-Participation

02:45 03:05 Heather Knight The Cyborg Cabaret: A Human-Machine Variety Show Exploring our Relationships with Machines

03:05 03:40 Ken Goldberg Precision Performance: Robotics and the Spotlight

03:40 04:00 David V. Lu Ontology of Robot Theatre

04:00 04:15 Coffee break

04:15 04:50 Annamaria Pileggi From Physical Language to Physical Action: Using Acting Techniques to Improve Human/Robot Interaction

4:50 5:25 Daniela Rus Seraph: An MIT-Pilobolus Collaboration to Create a Robot-Human Dance

5:25 6:00 Round Table